“The Marijuana-Logues light up NYC! Emitting an air that is slightly subversive and laughter-inducing…fast moving…this talented and complementary trio breathes new life into pot humor. Inventive writing…irresistibly funny…tongue firmly planted in cheek.”
– Associated Press

“Premium quality nuggets.”
– Entertainment Weekly

“A good time, man…consistently funny”
– Newsday

“It’s a rare example of hipster comedy that truly gets the last laugh.”
– New York Press

“Talk about a high, the new off-Broadway comedy The Marijuana-Logues is one feel-good toke. I haven’t had this much fun since…um…ah…I can’t remember. Guess I should lay off the weed.”

“For those who might think that it’s impossible to do an entire evening of marijuana jokes and stories, guess again.”

“Side-splittingly funny. Leave your stereotype of the half-baked stoner at home; these guys are very alert and have their material down like clockwork, providing hit and hit of funny send-ups, commentary and anecdotes.”

“The laughs keep coming right up to the end…the audience was laughing uncontrollably in the aisles.”

“The Marijuana-Logues is sweeping America off its couch…is guaranteed to be a hit. The very existence of this show is a promising sign.”
– High Times

“Comic highs.”

“Creating a mellow buzz in the West Village…the 80-minute-long laugh-filled show has been a hit from everywhere from HBO and Montreal to Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival.”
– Paper Magazine Online